Japanese Translation Sample (Ghana Certificate)

Our Ghana certificate translation (English into Japanese) is cheaper than anywhere else 【3000 yen+ per page】. High quality translation by an 【Immigration Lawyer (Gyoseishoshi)】 and a 【certified translator】 at this price!

Sample Ghanaian Certificate Translations


Documents and certificates that need to be translated when marrying a Ghanaian in Japan

We often receive requests for the translation of the following certificates for Ghanaian-Japanese marriages

  • Notarization Document (with red ribbon) (3000 yen/page)
  • Authenticity Certificate (Issued by Embassy of Ghana /Consulate of Ghana) (3000 yen/page)
  • IN THE MATTER OF STATTUTORY DECLARATION BY XXX (name) CONFIRMING THAT xxx (name) IS A BACHELOR (Issued by Ghana court) (3000 yen/page)
  • VOTER CARD (3000 yen/page)
  • Passport (3000 yen/page)
  • Unmarried certificate (CERTIFICATION) (3000 yen/page)
  • AUTHENTICATION (3000 yen/page)

Please also refer to website of Ghana Embassy to Japan (English only)

Certificates Required for Ghanaians to Report Marriage in Japan to Embassy of Ghana

According to the Embassy of Ghana (see the website above);


Once the marriage procedures are completed at the City/Ward Office, you may be issued with a “Certificate of Acceptance of Marriage” (Kon-in JuriShomeisho) as a proof of your marriage.

Ghana Embassy to Japan

Please note that all the documents required must be originals and in English. Documents in other languages must be submitted with certified English versions.

Ghana Embassy to Japan

Certified translation of “Certificate of Acceptance of Marriage” (Kon-in JuriShomeisho) issued by a government office where you submit your marriage notice.

*Information may be outdated, so please check the Embassy website for the latest information.

Sample of English translation of Certificate of Translation and Certificate of Acceptance

Documents and Certificates Required to Report Birth of Ghanaian-Japanese Child to Embassy of Ghana


Please note that all the documents required must be originals and in English. 

Ghana Embassy to Japan

The Ghanaian Embassy website does not specify the documents to be submitted, but asks that you submit the original and copy in English.

When a foreigner’s child born in Japan is reported to the embassy, the most commonly requested documents are the birth notice/certificate (shussho-todoke/shomeisho) (also known as shussho todokedejiko kisai shomeisho or koseki todokedejiko kisai shomeisho), the certificate of acceptance of birth, the family register, and the birth page of the mother and child handbook.

Please check with your embassy to make sure which documents are required. Also, see “What is a Japanese birth certificate?

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